Forgetti Every Stress! Bring Out The Alcohol And Try These Fun Drinking Games With Friends This Weekend

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The weekend is here and what’s better than getting lit with friends? NOTHING!! But it’s actually really hard chilling when you don’t have enough money to go out. We found the perfect solution that’s fun, easy on the pocket and will get you buzzing on alcohol like you should! Just call your frinds together, let everyone bring a drink and then…let the games begin!!!!!!!!!

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Most Likely

This game is pretty smple and should be played by a group who know each other pretty well. All you have to do is sit in a circle or something and ask the question of who is most likely to do something. For instance “Who is most likely to get into a fight in public” or “who is most likely to detty themselves in public dancing” or even “who is most likely to cry over a movie”. Now on the count of 3, everyone has to point at the person who is most likely to do that then you take a drink for every number of people that point to you. So if 5 people point at you, take 5 shots or 5 sips or 5 gulps…any way you all agree to is fine.

Rhyme Word Game

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The first person will choose a word, then the next person to your left/right has to think of a word that rhymes with it. This has to continue around the circle with everyone taking a turn with a rhyming word. Anyone who hesitates or repeats a word that’s already been said has to drink.

Poker Face

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Write anything you want on plenty pieces of paper. The important thing here is, make sure they are sentences or words that will trigger some sort of response from anyone who reads or hear it. Now place all the pieces of papers into a bowl and pass it around. Each person will take a note out and read it aloud and anyone who smiles or laughs will have to take a drink!

Never Have I Ever

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This is a perfect game to get people in a group to get to know each other. Get your group together, and take turns saying sentences starting with Never Have I Ever. The thing is, you need to continue with anything you have or have not done and anyone within the group who can relate and has done it before will take a drink. For instance, ”Never have I ever farted in public”. Now anyone who has done that before will just drink. You can keep going for as long as you want.

True Or False

You need papers for this too lol and a rolling dice. Write different words on different sheets of papers, fold them and mix them up. Now, throughout the game, each person will take turns picking one paper from the pile. You take one out, look at the word then roll the dice. If the number that rolls up is an even number, you have to tell a TRUE story that has something to do with the word on the paper you took. If it’s an odd number, make up a story and let everyone guess if it’s true or a made up story. Anyone who gets it wrong will have to drink.

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You can avoid the long process involving the sheet of papers and dice and just share stories. Each personwill still have to tell if the story is made up or a true story and anyone who gets it wrong will have to drink as usual.

Ring Of Fire

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You’d need a pack of cards for this. We can only give you an idea of how it works but make your own rules!! Take a couple of cards and assign rules to each card. Shuffle the cards and place them face down around a large jug or bowl of punch or even a bottle of vodka or wine or a glass of alcohol if you don’t mind drinking from the same cup. Now each person has to take turns picking a random card. Remember the rules you assigned to each card? Great. Just obey what the rules say and that’s it. Here are some rules you can start with:

  • For every Ace card that is drawn, everyone must finish a whole cup of the drink.
  • If a Queen is drawn, every female in the group must have a drink.
  • For every King, all the guys must take a drink.
  • If a spade is drawn, the person who draws it can ask anyone they want to take a drink.
  • If a club is drawn, the person who draws it must ask anyone they want, to do a dare or something. If they fail to do it…they drink! If they can’t, you drink!
  • If 7 of hearts is drawn, the person has to keep drinking until someone picks a 7 again.

you get the idea now? be creative and add more rules! If you don’t have playing cards, you can make your own with anything!

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Now you’re all set! Have fun, but remember this, please! Know your limit and leave the game when you have to! Don’t let anyone pressure you into drinking more than you can take and finally, have fun and spice it up!

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