Meet Thomas Owusu, The 15 Year Old Hoping To Make A Break In Electrical Engineering

Thomas Owusu is a 15-year-old student of Bokabo D/A Primary School. It’s a school in Sefwi Bokabo, within the Bodi District in the Western Region. We reached out to Thomas’s teacher, Maxwell Owusu after he shared pictures of his brilliant student’s work on Facebook with the caption “See this young but creative electrical engineer at my school who designed a wooden stand fan that can be operated electronically. I believe in a future that is realized today and not tomorrow”

Kuulpeeps: What class is Thomas in?

Maxwell: He’s in Class 5 now

Kuulpeeps: What led to the fan building project?

Maxwell: He made the fan purposely for a competition which the school will be participating in.

Kuulpeeps: And which competition is that?

Maxwell: The Science, Technology and Mathematics Education Initiative (STMEI). An initiative that attempts to engage young people in the area of Math, Science and Tech.

Kuulpeeps: Will this be his first handmade project?

Maxwell: Not really. Maxwell loves crafting so it’s not really strange to see him making things.

Kuulpeeps: What inspired him to up his game like this?

Maxwell: He just really wanted to do something unique but he actually saw this in a dream.

Kuulpeeps: Wow. He saw the fan in a dream?

Maxwell: lol Yes! It’s actually normal for him to have prophetic dreams like that. This will not be his first time.

Kuulpeeps: That’s pretty interesting…

Maxwell: So, he usually comes to the teachers, mostly me, and then we help him out. Not with everything. I assist only when I have to.

Kuulpeeps: How did you get the materials?

Maxwell: It wasn’t easy getting materials but we were able to make it work

Kuulpeeps: How long did it take?

Maxwell: Oh, it took him 2 days

Kuulpeeps: Is crafting the only thing he’s interested in?

Maxwell: Not at all. He plays a lot of football too.

Kuulpeeps: And academically?

Maxwell: He’s a great student. Not necessarily super brilliant but I’d call him an average student.

Thomas’s parents are cocoa farmers and he helps out after school whenever he can. He hopes to make more fans commercially and hopefully make ones that will run on batteries only.


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