Samira Bawumia Ridiculed On Social Media After No Make Up Image Surfaces

An image of Samira Bawumia in Mecca for the Hajj has surfaced on social media, the image depicts the 2nd lady with her husband and Cote d’Ivoire’s president.

In less than a day the image is already viral and being spread on social media and WhatsApp statuses with Ghanaians mocking her.

The reason may be that, ever since she became the 2nd lady of Ghana, she has been consistently glorified for 2 things: the first being her beauty and the second, her style. So it might have come as a shock for the millions of the Ghanaian public to witness the award-winning beauty icon without makeup or the retouching that would usually have come with her public images as seen below.

This has resulted to much speculation with indirect and direct critique of the 2nd lady’s look. So what do you think?

Source: FashionGhana

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