Here Are The Types Of Gents You Are Bound To Meet On UCC Campus

University is where all different kinds of people come to exist together in an interesting environment.

Stroll down the main drag of any university campus, you’re bound to see a wide variety of personality and style exhibited by the guys around you. After all, a university campus is an environment where you’re supposed to express yourself, isn’t it? and while they’re certainly not all carbon copies of each other, every university has a few types of guys in common. We are here to help you with the some types of guys you can count on spotting around campus.

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He’s either always wearing a hoody, putting his swag on, or is the model student no one would suspect has a stash back in his hostel. He trying living a gangster-way of life and most cant be find when he’s needed most but makes himself available when he wants to be found, Either way, he’s easy to talk to, seems like a nice guy and is probably one of the most laid-back people you’ll ever meet in the university.

The Out-of-State

There’s something different about him. Maybe it’s his clothes Or his hair. Or the fact that you mention something native to the area. He looks at you like you’re speaking another language. Yep, he’s an out-of-state, which might as well mean he’s from a different whole level together. Be nice to him; he’ll get the vibes soon.


The Hipster ( AKA”BeardGang” )

He loves his beard and tattoos, rocks his handy purse, handbands, always wanting to be different and always follows the latest trends and fashion. You remember him from orientation but rarely see him around, because if he’s not in his dorm, he’s probably in some obscure vintage, coffee, pub, or a record shop downtown. He may be interesting at first, but after a while, the whole “too cool to care about anything” thing gets old.


The Socially Awkward

I don’t think they ever leave the room. These guys mostly are never seen by anyone, but their floor mates tell us they exist. Apparently, these guys have somehow managed to survive only on indomie noodles,”Garishit”(Gari mixed with shito), Red Red (Beans with red oil) and constantly playing some sort of video game for their entire year. Do they even go to class? No one knows.


The One in a Good “Long Distance Relationship”

He loves her. She loves him. Always on his phone texting with the girlfriend whether in the library, lecture hall, hangouts,club or hostel. He doesn’t have many female friends for fear that his girlfriend’s feelings will get hurt. They were high school sweethearts and blah blah blah. Don’t ask him for a pencil if he sits next to you in class, because he’ll probably just respond with “sorry I have a girlfriend”.


The Campus joker

The funniest guy on campus and does the most hilarious kinda stuff on campus. Seriously, the funniest. You’ll wonder why he doesn’t have his own reality TV show. Literally the second he starts talking, everyone stops to listen to hear his next witty one-liner. You’ll laugh so much around him that you’ll pretty much have a six-pack by the time he’s done talking.


The Nice Guy

This guy is the one you want to be best friends with. He is so funny and humble and not a single soul could ever say anything bad about him. He’s like a brother to you and everyone else on campus. Need to go for a formal date? Call him up. Not only will he only show up, he’ll be the most fun on the dance floor.


The student athlete who’s crazy talented

People stop and stare when he walks by, looking effortlessly cool in tracksuit all the time, the one people love to shake hands with after a crazy performance during inter hall, freestyle and tertiary competitions,He feels all fly all the time and student acknowledging him as a campus celebrity, The one who is loved by many because of his profession and contribution to the schools progress in Sports.


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