Are You A Foreigner Who Has Gained Admission To UENR? Here Are Your Academic Fees.

First, Welcome to Ghana and now Welcome to UENR!

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Keep our names in your head because you’ll encounter us a lot.

For foreign freshmen, the school accepts only dollars and the fees are as follows:

School of Natural Resources School of Agriculture & Technology School of Sciences/Geo-sciences School of Engineering (excluding Petroleum)
Fee item US$ US$ US$ US$
Tuition Fees 2,2002,2003,0003,500
Other Academic Charges 264264264264
Additional Academic Charges 49419393
Other Charges 31313131
Residential Facility User Fees 700700700700
Fees payable to the University (A) 3,244 3,236 4,088 4,588
Fees payable to Student Societies (B) 45454545
Total Fees Payable (A) +(B) 3,288 3,281 4,133 4,633


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