The Cost Of These Boots Can Buy You A House


Do you guys remember those white feather thigh high boots Rihanna wore some months ago? Then a couple of weeks later we saw Nicki Minaj with the same shoes on with a similar ensemble? Nicki wore her boots with a white spaghetti strap bodycon dress and a graffiti-like denim jacket.

You still don’t remember? Below are pictures of  Rihanna and Nicki Minaj wearing the shoes…

You remember now right? Well sis, guess how much these Saint Laurent boots cost? Look below, we don’t want you to think we are lying about the price…


Nope, you are not seeing things, they cost 10,000 dollars, which is like 49,000 cedis; like a couch at Orca decor, for those of us who can’t afford it, we will just stare and admire them from a distance…

Would you buy these if you could afford it?


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