#DeleAlliChallenge: Social Media Is Going Crazy Over This New Viral Challenge

Social media and if we have to confess everybody here at the Kuulpeeps office is just trying to figure out how in the world the Tottenham Hotspur star, Dele Alli performed his rather awkward goal celebration.

The #DeleAlliChallenge also has people trying to nail this signature act by the footballer.

#DeleAlliChallenge started when Alli scored a goal against Newcastle and commemorated the moment as most footballers do when they score.

But how he did it got the attention of the world.

The Dele Alli Challenge involves making a circular shape using your thumb and index finger around your eye and then resting the remaining three fingers on your forehead.

It is not that simple…

People have tried to do that…





The class is over… go try your hands on the #DeleAlliChallenge.

Tag us on social media when you post yours.

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