This Advice To Freshers Will Make You Wish You Could Do Uni All Over Again

University admissions are out and lots of SHS graduates are giddy with excitement at the idea of being free from the shackles of home. Let’s face it, more than half of you are happy about school but you’re a bit skeptical about the courses you were given because the more you think about the course, the more you start to think maybe, just maybe, it’s stupid to go school to study such a ‘dumb’ course.  What are you going to do with that course? It’s scary, I know but…chill. Someone on Twitter says relaaaax. She was in your shoes some time ago and she survived! Read this and stay strong. You can make it with whatever course you were given. Trust!


Hear that freshmen? Zip up your bags and go fluorish in the University. No matter the course you’re given, make the most out of it and you’ll be surprised ow far that’ll take you.

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