These Are 6 Reasons Why We Think King Promise Is Style Goals

We know King Promise for his vocals and also the meme about his shoes that went viral during the GMA (hollers in laughter). But on a serious note, we just releazied that not only can he sing the panties of a girl but he also serves looks. He is actually stylish AF!!. You don’t believe us?; below are 6 times Promise showed us that he was a stylish with a mean ass sneaker game.

Okay, Promise!! We see you giving us bad boy leather jacket steez

When you and your broski dope af together in your short shorts!!

“Gucci gang.. Gucci gang.. Gucci gang spent 10 racks on a new chain….” yall know the rest

A coordinating King!!!

Your favorite coulda never……

We love the Vintage print shirt paired with sneakers… Haters will say why didn’t he wear proper dress shoes, but we’re here for this.

Happy Birthday, Promise!! We wish you nothing but success and happiness in all your endeavours.


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