Hey Fresher! Here Is How To Go About Your Residential Registration.

A portal will be opened for residential registration. Frankly, residential registration is a survival of the fittest and if you’re not able to get a room, you may have to be non-resident. When the link is made available, you would be informed. Be alert because, if the slots are full, you’d be hot.


It is not too advisable to use a phone for this. Use a laptop or computer or even visit an internet café if you have to. On the day, you’ll need good internet speed and very fast fingers.

So when the portal is open, log into it with your school ID and PIN which is provided to you on your admission letter.

Please make up your mind on which hall you’d like to be in beforehand. When you get into the system, fill in with the required information and select your preferred hall and room. Just one hall, please.

Please print out your proof of registration. You’d need it for your manual registration. Please proceed to pay your residential fees as soon as possible. No last minute things.

When you get to school, go to your hall of residence with your

  1. Proof of Registration
  2. Passport Pictures (2)
  3. Residential Fees Receipt
  4. JCR Dues Receipt



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