GIJ: Hey Freshers We Don’t Want You Looking Confused On Campus, Check Out Things To Do During Your First Week On Campus

We’ve all had that experience with our first day on Campus. Some people have had experiences of a bad week because they didn’t know what to do, they just went with the flow. You know how we do it, we make sure y’all settled in comfortably for the semester to kickoff. We have a few points for you on things to do during the first week on campus.

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Explore Campus

It’s very important to explore campus in your first week because you have time to spare to get to know places. When the pressure sets in it will be difficult to go round trying to know places.

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It will also make navigation very easy to avoid ending up in the wrong place.

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Call Your Parents

It’s very important to let your parents know how your days are going during the first week in University. You feel they don’t feel worried, trust me they feel very worried and they can’t wait to hear from you. It’s also important to let them know how smoothly you settled in.

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Meet Your Dorm Mates

Don’t be too much of an introvert, get to know your roomies. They are going to be your fam for a semester and you have to interact with them.

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Fix Up Your Room

Unpack your stuff and settle in. Arrange all your things and get everything in place cause when you’ve got an early morning orientation you might get a clumsy morning, so to prevent that just get your room specked up to your taste. Remember a good and nice environment helps your brain too!!! When decorating your room it also makes you creative.

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Get To Know Others On Your Floor

You might need some salt, water or even washing powder and guess who would come to your rescue aside those in your room, those on your floor!!!. Yep, they’d help you in different ways.

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Register All Your Courses

You need to register all your courses before it too late. It can be confusing sometimes but once you’re done, that’s it.


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Be Prepared For Lectures / Lecturers

After you register, you need to know about all the lectures you’d be taking from the timetable to lecture halls and even the lecturers who would be taking you through the semester.

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Now there you go.

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