6 Different Kinds Of Amazing Fashion Looks We Love To Rock

Fashion, well fashion is completely transparent. It’s fun, it’s confusing, and it never dies off. Fashion always repeats itself. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fashion hence the reason why there are soo many looks a person can give; that is what makes fashion fun.

We have narrowed the endless looks to 6 of our favourite stylish looks we absolutely love. Each of these style looks is liable to snatch your edges out.



Okay so this trendy look is clearly new in a way; sportswear has always been around for a while, but the fact that we have now made it stylish where you can basically wear it anywhere(workplace, lunch date, shopping) you please rather than just wearing it to the gym.. you barb?. The key accessory needed to make this a whole look is Heels!!..

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Tomboys are anything but dry, this style can easily be described as simple and modern. Girls who give the tomboy look don’t like to wear frills or lace, they can do pinks or other bright colors as long as it falls in the baggie boyish look, typically wearing jeans with a graphic tee or button-up and a pair of tennis shoes.


The girl next door

The girl next door, this classic style has been around for ages. This fashion style doesn’t necessarily pay attention to the latest trends and if they do, they will keep it simple. This trend focuses on simplicity, cuteness and playing it safe.


Casual Chic

When you hear ‘casual’, you’re probably thinking basic; and the casual chic style could really be ANYTHING but basic! Women who indulge in the casual chic style don’t ALWAYS  grab the exotic and bold items off the shelves. They would much rather buy jeans or pants and a blouse or tee and coordinate it with a trendy purse. The entire look is very modern and uncluttered with an extra touch of subtle elegance.



Just as the name describes, exotic fashion is all about wearing something nobody has ever seen before. It’s a collection of bold, mysterious, and eye-catching pieces, usually consisting of vibrant colors and intricate embroidery, fascinating prints and standout jewelry that can be seen from a mile away.



The girl who follows a trendy fashion style is always up-to-date on the latest trends, and probably refreshes her wardrobe four times a year with the changing seasons. She always makes sure she’s following the latest fashion news.

Which type are you?



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