5 Important Reasons Why You Should Wear The Same Clothes Everyday

How many of us have wished we could repeat the same outfits or shirts every day but decided against it because of what society would say about us? We all know the pressure society puts on us and whether you like to admit it or not society plays a huge impact on our everyday lifestyle and thoughts.

Just think about it, why do you think designers are always coming up with collections every 3 or so months, most people won’t even wear certain pieces because they are out of ”season”, you will go to a boutique this week and will  return the following week and see changes, even the mannequins on display don’t wear the same clothes for too long.

Your own conscience won’t even allow you to peacefully repeat the same clothes day in and day out, but to be honest most people will probably be caught up in their own life to recognize the repetition.

However you decide to live your life, here are five reasons why you should try wearing the same outfit for a week to say people’s reaction


1. Reduce decision fatigue.

Chale we dey think saaaaaaaaaaaa!! Even in our dreams, we are thinking. Every thought or decision we make can drain us and there is nothing more annoying and draining than trying to decide what to wear in the morning or any time of the day, period. When frustration sets in, we tend to make rash decisions to get instant gratification results. Finding a uniform like an outfit can help make your decision-making shorter.


2. Recognize what looks good on you, repeat.

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Look for basics that work across situations (workplace, outtings). A nice-fitting black T-shirt and casual khaki pants. Would you get bored? Yea probably, but you will find out what looks good on you. Finding your “look” can take time, but realizing what you feel confident and comfortable in is more important.


3. Minimize your wardrobe.

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Minimalism is all about refocusing only on things that are important and that applies to all aspects of life, especially when it comes to clothes. Get rid of the clothes you don’t wear, it will help make your ‘what to wear today’ decisions less of a hassle, and lastly, it will keep it clean.


4. Embrace forever fashion.

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You should always aim to choose quality over quantity any day. Having this mindset will help you decide which piece of clothing is important and fits your style. When you go to buy new items, think about its place in your closet years from now. Will you still want it?  Following trends can cost you financially.  Instead, focus on quality goods that can last years and can be worn over and over again.


5. Bask in the glory of easier laundry and more time.

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When its time to do laundry you will be glad you chose to wear the same clothes all week, especially if you handwash your clothes!! We know your back be hurting. You will also have more time to do other things with your time.


You shouldn’t feel bad, dirty or poor because you repeat clothes, most successful people wear the same thing everyday, look at Steve Jobs. By wearing the same thing every day, you’ll better realize what’s most important to you. And you’ll quickly discover it’s not the clothes you are wearing.


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