8 Very Amusing Words You Can Use To Soften The Blow When You ‘Diss’ Someone

Aren’t you bored with the same old words every day? Sometimes you want to describe (not insult) someone so bad without hurting the person’s feelings. We’ve found the right words for you!! Try it and watch the target of your diss laugh out loud.

Smell Feast

Image result for following aroma of food gif

Definition: One who someway, somehow finds out and gets invited to good food feast or someone who shows up unexpectedly whenever there’s food.

“Quick hide the food before the smell-feast, Abena gets here”


Image result for absent minded gif

Definition: a foolish or absentminded person

“Jay can be such a mooncalf sometimes! I always have to repeat instructions and it’s so frustrating”


Image result for childish gif


Definition: A timid man or boy considered childish

“Can you imagine?! The milksop poured a drink on me last night at the bar!”


Image result for stubborn gif

Definition: a stubborn person who insists on making an error in spite of being shown it is wrong

“stop being a mumpsimus for once and listen to me Diane!”


Image result for facepalm gif

Definition: a fool

“Ignore that ninnyhammer”


Image result for frustrated gif

Definition: an excessively faultfinding person

“Don’t be a smellfungus! Kwame is perfect for you.”


Image result for suck up gif

Definition: A suck up

“sshh here comes Kojo, the office Lickspittle”


Image result for patrick i'm with stupid gif

Definition: A very stupid or foolish person

“I stopped talking to Paul after I realized how much of a pillock he was”

The next time you need to describe someone, you know the words you can use now, right?

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