5 Legit Reasons Why You Should Consider Going Braless Often

We all remember the time we got our first bras. Most of us late bloomers probably spent every day asking God whyyyyyy!!! Why were our boobs not jutting out already?! But ha! Right now, one of the things every woman looks forward to is getting home and taking off her bra cos herhhhh it’s stress!!! Now imagine life without having to worry about a bra…

Here’s why you should consider going braless no matter your boob size!!


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You know the feeling you get walking around in your room without a bra? All your tits hanging free with no bra restricting movement? Yessss imagine that feeling…All. Day. Long!

You save money 

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Good quality bras can be expensive! Remember the first time you bought your own bra? You never expected the amount that was mentioned and you had to buy more than one too!! Ditch bras altogether and splurge on a burger or something.

It’s actually healthy

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“If you don’t wear a bra, your boobs will sag”  LIES! 

Your boobs won’t sag if you don’t wear a bra. If anything, it actually helps you develop more muscle tissue which allows your body to support your breasts naturally.

Strapless tops never looked so good

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You know how irritating it is to see people wearing tank tops or off shoulder tops and the bra straps are just peeping saying hello to everyone. Well, now, with no bra, you can easily rock your outfit  without tugging at some stray bra strap

You know dem bras are nasty

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Tell the truth. How many of you ladies reading this are wearing freshly washed bras? Ha! Just save your boobs from germs and allow your bras to soak in some parazone for awhile.

No boob sweat

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You know how it gets in these parts. The sun shines so fiercely and the heat! God, the heat can be so unbearable! It’s only natural to have some sweat under your boobs. Sometimes, the sweat seeps through your shirt and if not, you have to go through the whole day feeling the sweat against your skin. Next time you go to the washroom just to go wipe the sweat off your skin, think about how easily you can avoid this.

Hold your head up and let your boobs come out to play. Forget anyone who talks about it and feel the breeze blow all around those awesome creations of God.

No matter the size or shape of your boobs…

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