These 6 Disapora Wedding’s Were LIT AF!!

As women, something about weddings just get us sooo excited, there isn’t a wedding as lit as an African wedding, especially these diaspora weddings. We have come across thousands of weddings on social media and they were all so lit made us wish we were in attendance.

We have never dreamed of being wedding crashers but these weddings will turn you into one. From makeup to the dresses, venue, and music, these weddings were truly lit. And of course, the couples are a mixture of Ghanaian and Nigerian couples, hell they are from different African countries.

Below are 5 of our favourite diaspora weddings that made us wish we were in attendance.


The wedding between Layo and Leye took place in Maryland


If you are not Igbo you wouldn’t understand this clip!!



A beautiful union between Sw33tlypss and dr_tone


Omg we are in love with the visuals for this union!! beautiful guys!


Is it a wedding if you play Adina and Kwame Eugene soulful voices?



Afer watching these videos you can’t t tell us that you didn’t smile nor wish you were there for each of these weddings…

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