Only Early Morning ‘Troski’ Takers Will Understand These 5 ‘Troski’ Ride Expectations

Most of us don’t have the pleasure of being our own CEO with a nice car to drive around. We have to wake up really early not to hop in our car and drive off, but to struggle for a troski and pray the traffic isn’t so bad just so we’d get to work on time. If you live far from your workplace, and you know all the troski routes, this is for you.

Shoulder Pillows

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One thing about waking up really early to go to work is that you’re definitely not fully awake. You grudgingly turn off your alarm and get out of bed with that tiny assurance that, you can continue the sleep uncomfortably in the troski while you’re in traffic. Now once you get into the troski, know that your shoulder may turn into a pillow or someone’s shoulder may be your pillow cos you’re not the only sleepy one in there.

Fresh Breath

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Not everyone worries about personal hygiene like you. You took time to bath, dress nice and spray everywhere and everything but…you’ll definitely meet someone whose body odor will make your expensive perfume cower fearfully in a corner. Mouth odor too? yes please. The stench on some people’s breath can wipe out your memory. Early morning rides aren’t for the weak.

Breakfast Time

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Now, most people don’t wake up early to eat breakfast but that does not stop them. Be prepared to watch someone eat a whole meal right there in the troski. Doesn’t matter if it’s koko and bread, waakye, rice and stew or a full English breakfast. Ain’t nobody stopping them from having the most important meal of the day.

Dawn Friends

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It’s normal to make new friends in an early morning troski ride. Not the ‘‘heyy lets catch up” kind of friend but the silent one you nod to every morning because you both stand at the same bus stop to board a troski and when you don’t see them, you wonder where they went. No words or a simple “good morning” is exchanged and that’s it!

Morning Devotion

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Time with God is very important and those who agree, make it a point to have their ‘Quiet Time’ in the troski. They’ll open a bible and a devotional guide the minute they sit and get comfortable and if they are lucky, the troski driver will play some Elder Mireku songs to set the mood.

Early morning troski rides can be stressful but we have no choice right? For now, we’d pray hard so we get our own cars so the nightmare will be over but for now, just make sure you go to bed early so you’d be up in time for your next ride tomorrow.



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