Legon: Know The Examination Centres On Campus Before It’s Too Late.

Imagine having a 7:30am paper and you can’t figure out where exactly the exams hall is. Your roommates have given you directions but you are standing in the middle of 3 buildings and you don’t know which one is the NNB 2.

Automatic resit straight! How?

Aba fresh paa then your GPA is destroyed? Better safe than sorry! Here is a list of examinations halls with their directions.

  • Examination Centers
New N BlockBehind the Info Studies Department
Ghana Commercial Bank Complex ( GCB)Opposite the New N Block
Central CafeteriaOpposite the Sarbah Hall
N BlockClose to the Political science Department
Casa HispanicMaison Francaise, Behind Legon Hall
Maison FrancaiseOpposite the Legon Hall
JQBClose to the School gate
KABOpposite Law School
LOTClose to the School of Nursing
K FOLSONBehind the Political Science Department
LT 1-3School of Agriculture
Home Science AnnexBehind the Home Science Annex
LECIADBehind the Earth Science Department
Maths and Science DepartementClose to N Block

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