GIJ: Here Is How To Make Friends On Your First Day At School.

The season of freshers is upon us.

Today we are to give you a gist on how freshers can easily make friends on their first day at school.

Let’s go!

  1. Smile Often


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Smiles are an open invitation to other people.

People like to get closer to people more often because of their smiles.

Your smiles make people feel at ease whenever they’re around you. It makes them feel at home.

Start the semester with a face full of smiles and you might win some hearts over.


  2. Act Friendly.

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Make good use of the magic word “Please” when enquiring about an issue.

You become approachable anytime people perceive you to be friendly.

Remember, no one likes to be friends with arrogant people. Don’t fake it, just be you.


3. Contribute to group discussions extensively.

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Your thoughts and ideas on a particular issue shows how reliable and informed you are.

In a new environment especially campus, group assignments and discussions are bound to happen. Always make sure you make an input in any issue that comes on board.

No idea or suggestion is useless, so avoid being shy.


4. Be mindful of your choice of language.

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Make sure you avoid using harsh or vulgar words when conversing. People take note of almost everything you say. Avoid being too formal and too informal.

If the subject matter requires you to go straight to the point, don’t beat around the bush. Your choice of language will avoid you hurting other, because the use of some particular choice of words can be very offensive.


5. Adapt the habit of sharing and giving.

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If you have anything someone needs, don’t hesitate to share. Giving and sharing is actually a good habit because they actually create a good impression about you to others.

People will also like to share with you when you give and share freely.

Now, those are some major keys. Keep them and you’ll do well with friends in school. Good luck!



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