Did You Get Admission Into Legon? Here Is A List Of What You Need.


You are moving into the university and you have mixed feeings about what you are to bring erh? You don’t want to end up doing yawa, cuz charle you’ll be scarred for life. You don’t need to bring a whole provision shop to school. Please, it is not marriage.

Check out the things you’ll need :

General Toiletries and cleaners
Iron Toilet roll
Hot plate Roll on/ Deodorant spray
Microwave Body splash
Refrigerator Perfume
Blender Body cream
Rice cooker Hair cream
Heater ( optional) Shower soap/gel
Cooking utensils/Dishes [frying pan, sauce pan (different sizes), ladle, spatula, wooden spoons, plates, cups, bowls, cutlery] Bleach
Cloth hangers Washing soap & detergent
Towels Liniment & ointment
Napkins First Aid kit
Pegs Anti-septic
Traveling Bag Toothbrush

When it comes to clothes, just be yourself. However, don’t forget to chip in one or two official clothes, for presentation and seminars. Also you may not need every single one of the appliances, if your roommates are cool like that. Lol, don’t put pressure on Mommy or Daddy.

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