Balenciaga Has Birthed A New Shoe Trend: Platform Crocs

Balenciaga has released some dope ass shoes!!! For those of you non-fashionistas, you will say the shoe is meme-worthy and that it is hideous, but we are here to tell you otherwise. The new Croc collection is everything and more,  don’t even dare try to argue with us…

After showcasing the platform crocs on its runway last year for their fall 2018 collection, The Crocs became available for pre-order in February and were already sold out, all colors were sold out in record time and many had to humbly take an L. But no vex sis .. they are available again…

The crogs first came in two colors, pink and tan (toast) … Now, Balenciaga has released two new colors, black and yellow, as well as a few cheaper, non-embellished options for us poor folks.

First, we hope you don’t think these are just your regular crocs nurses wear, cuz these are Platform Crocs. Just take a look below to get your life

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Dope Af right?!!

We know!!… As if the Platform Crocs wasn’t enough, Balenciaga has made yet another pair of Crocs-inspired shoes, this time it came with a Heel. Like the Balenciaga Croc platforms, the Crocs high heels are loaded with different charms, from the Eiffel Tower to a cat, unicorn, ice cream and a shooting star (everything girlie). While the price has yet to be announced, rumor has it that the Platform Crocs are selling for $495 for a minimal look (fewer accessories) to $850 for the full embellished version.

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We are just in awe of this new collection, we will be lying if we said we didn’t want a pair of the Balenciaga Croc Platforms we want it in Pink to be precise.. Can you guys just envision the many looks you could have with these shoes!! …..

Which pair are you getting, if any?

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