5 Ways To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Summertime came and you found love, but now it’s time to go back to school or leave for school for the first time and you have to leave your boo behind (aawww how sad)… but you are in love and you can’t let them go so you are willing to have a long distance relationship. However, you are lost you don’t know how it can work?

We got you covered…. we understand love and long distance relationships,  so here are a few tips you can follow to make that relationship of yours last through time.


Talk about your relationship boundaries before you part ways.

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It may be a sweet savouring time for you guys to spend the rest of your summer days up under each other, but it is wise for you to discuss the can and can’t when you go your separate ways… ie. how often do you plan on texting, calling, and visiting each other; also what each of you defines cheating as.


Brainstorm ways to make each other feel loved despite the distance

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In order to maintain the romantic streak in your relationship you have to think outside the box, you can send care packages, emails, cute little texts messages here and there, conspire with friends to send flowers, whatever your partner may like have Netflix and chill via zoom, skype etc. You can watch the same movies and have a discussion of the movie.


Address the jealousy thing right away

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To be honest, don’t allow anybody to tell you it’s not okay to be jealous.  In fact it is necessary, it shows that you are invested in the relationship emotionally and you don’t want your partner to leave you for anybody.. PERIOD!!! But don’t OD on the jealous rants. With that being said, we know it sucks to feel insecure or to be stuck with somebody who is unreasonably jealous. Discuss the things that make you jealous and fix them. Good relationships are built on trust and good communication.


Plan the F*&^% out of your weekends with them

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Kissing, sucking  and snuggling feels hella good when you haven’t seen each other in a while, but staying indoors all weekend during your visit may not be the best idea; relationships can easily become boring when you repeat the same activities,  so try to do new things with your partner like taking them to a party on campus, your favourite restaurant or movie night with friends, you want them to feel like they are part of your world as well.


Prepare to give each other breathing room 

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We stated that communication is an important factor  when it comes to long distance relationships and it is; it is okay to WANT to call your partner every damn second of the day or at the end of the day but the key word here is WANT.. If you feel like you are constantly glued to your phone or don’t spend enough time with your friends then it’s time to put the phone down and let your partner breathe, you shouldn’t feel obligated to always check in.


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