Social Media To The Rescue: Unemployed And Orphaned KNUST Grad Who Sells Coconut Gets University Job


All of you are out there using Social Media to make meaningful positive impacts in the lives of many people.

Y’all heroes with capes have wielded the social media weapon and made people feel safe.

This is another amazing social media to the rescue story.

This KNUST graduate who had to sell coconut just to survive hit up Daily Graphic journalist, Mabel Aku Baneseh to help him secure a job.

Among other positive things, Mabel, has been using her Facebook platform to advertise jobs and people looking for jobs.

Below is the plea he sent to Mabel for help:

Good Afternoon Madam Mabel,
I am ****** ****** a holder of a Degree in History which I obtained from KNUST in 2016. My search for a job after the completion of National service has been hell. Over 100 applications sent with no good news. I would be grateful if you can assist your kid brother.
I lost my mother in September 2015 less than 40 days after losing my dad (who didn’t take care of me). My uncle did his best and made sure I completed University and I will forever be grateful to him. He has been instrumental to my job search but to no yield.
I live with a half brother who is just amazing and is also doing his best but I know his hands are tied because of his situation. Five kids and wife to take care of.
I resorted to the sale of coconut some few months ago as a source of living but my body couldn’t sustain it. I spent the little revenue on medication.

My experience as a young graduate has been limited to mainly administrative roles and the last few months on the streets learning things the hard way.
Below are my contacts.
[email protected]
Thank you for your time, really appreciate it and may God bless you.
I would be very grateful if you could help me with my job search. I should have done this some months ago but I always felt shy. Thank you.
Please Help

And then Mabel put added this comment underneath his plea…

“Dear Angels on my wall, this story has really moved me. Please help this young man. He has really tried his best. Thank you.”

Well, almost a month later… there is good news for this KNUST grad who wants to remain anonymous.

Mabel took to her Facebook account again to share the good news with her followers…

“Do you recall the story of the KNUST graduate who resorted to selling coconut because he found it difficult to get a job? Below is a picture of his palm as of the time he sent me the distress message.

Well, he has been offered a job by a Professor in my friends’ list as a Faculty Assistant.

He is to start work on August 15, 2018. The salary is good. He even sent me the terms of his employment contract and it looks solid.”

There are good people out there walking in the shadows and doing amazing things.

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