Poetry Corner: Meet Poetic Dela, The Young Budding Writer Who Is Taking Poetry To A Different Level

A friend once told me, in order to live forever, fall in love with one of these, a poet, an artist or a photographer and even now I concur.

These three personalities define life, they depict beauty, they portray emotions but I think I’ll be biased here and say, if you want to live forever, fall in love with a poet.

Poetry is a muse and people who find themselves there have an alluding persona, I won’t lie.

See who I found in my archives, the guy who is the moulder of words. Aside word-craftsmen like the William Du Bois Yaw Sakyi Kumi’s, he is one guy who writes with so much eloquence and emotions as though he sees the end of life.

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Meet the weaver of words, Delali Alphonse Kpatakpa also known as the Poetic Yesu. He is a poet, a lover of art with a general arts background and a little bit of Journalism.

He was born and bred in Accra but comes from Kpando in the Volta Region.

He started poetry officially in June last year and has been writing since then.

Interestingly, on the 8th of June last year he launched a compilation of 8 poems about his motherland, Ghana.

Delali hasn’t won any awards yet, “but the greatest award is for readers to relate to what you are putting out there, if your message is understood then you’ve won a trophy” he said.

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Talking of inspiration, he gets his inspiration from his life itself, from things happening around him and mostly what he sees or feels is right and readers can relate to.

His achievements so far are the publication and launching of his book titled, “the life of Dela” early this year.

Currently, Dela is a student in the Ghana Institute of Journalism, where he is studying BA in Communication Studies and so far he’s done two compilations, On The 8th (a compilation of 8 poems)and lolonyo( a compilation of 6 poems).

His current poem spreading like wildfire on social media is titled ” no identity“. A poem off his upcoming compilation, “charcoal and flesh”. “No identity” seeks to highlight whether we know our identity, what we want and where we are going. The poem also talks about how we are being controlled by social media, hence thinking our real identities are on Social Media.

Have a glance at these lines in his piece,

Prolly pussy filters

could make the magic

But with the flower crown

He was crowned king

in his misery


The Poetic Yesu in this verse seeks to highlight the most popular app used for selfies.

Some of the filters in this app can be very deceiving.

Hence hiding one’s true identity.


But is the verification

procedure on Facebook

our identity?


We are deceived by the avatar

option those light skin guys

have embedded in our minds


This verse also talks about profile pictures we use on social media.

Most of which aren’t our true identity.


That’s not all, he’s got a lot in his closet, some of his other works include, sallycious Ohema, pen Game, sex sells faster than coke, coded feelings, negativity, just to mention a few.

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How it all started

Dela loved poetry at a tender age and started writing at the age of 10. Yeah, that was way back. Even though his writings generated him no attention and did not come out as a recognised piece,  he still did not stop but continued writing until now.

Upon the varieties in Art, why poetry?

Poetry is the best way to express myself, from my speech, to my actions, to my writings.

Poetry takes place in our everyday activities simply, poetry is life and life is poetry.

You mentioned poetry being life and life being poetry, enlighten us.

What I meant by life is poetry and poetry is life is, in life, the best form man can express himself or communicate appropriately is through poetry. When I write a poem and you can relate to it, is just like, I ask you how you are doing and you give me feedback. What you and I are doing is poetry, communication. Hence poetry is communication. Life can be smooth only with communication.

What inspired you to write sunshine?

So I woke up one day and wanted to wash. By the time I finished, the clouds had gathered so I had to dry my clothes on the balcony. Then a thought struck me, it was in regards to the relevance of the sun, so I got inspired to write about it. But in poetry, you need to relate your concept to something familiar to your audience, so I chose love and sunshine was given birth to.

People often say that people who write for love never find love themselves, how true is this?

What most writers do in relation to love is fiction. Most of them put in one or two experiences they encounter. For me, when it comes to writing love poems, I make good use of fiction and scenes from movies or poems from other writers. I think love and writers of it have nothing in common physically.

To purchase his book “Life of Dela”

Email: [email protected]

Call/Whatsapp: +233573327202

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