KNUST: 5 Non Academic Things Being In The University Will Teach You

The university is a community with diverse people. It’s got its own laws, culture and norms. You will pick dozens of life skills there and these are definitely not going to be taught on powerpoint slides in the lecture rooms.

Everyone hates lectures right.

Here are 5 things you are likely to pick up


This is probably the first thing you are going to learn if you already haven’t. Living amongst people with different opinions and perceptions. People knocking on your door for no reason – You are hoping for a quiet night after a stressful day and the room next door is blasting music on cloud nine!

Chale, just make life easier for yourself and accept that it’s part of the university experience.


Yea. How to work with people is one of the important traits you ought to acquire. Being a team player, supplementing your team’s weaknesses and contributing immensely to successfully carry out tasks is key. You have to be doing this both in the completing academic tasks and other social responsibilities.


This is not like your regular boarding school where you have housemasters to keep you in check here and there. You are on your own far away from your parents. Here you will need to learn to survive the university because it’s really going to come at you. Waking up early, cooking, lectures, church, parties, events etc. Before you leave the university, you certainly would have learnt how to live independently.


Some of you have gnashed since the 80’s. It’s time to break every gnashing chain! Link-up, meet new people, go on dates. 4-0 is not an option. You will learn how to interact with the opposite sex. This is really important. Don’t stay indoors and be gnashing


Gets more interesting right? At a point in time you will find yourself inflating your fees, taking handout money (when you are actually just using pdfs), Wi-Fi fees, blah blah blah. Shouts out y’all future leaders.  I know, I know, I’m  not going to judge you. Man has to survive!

You are definitely not going to acquire everything in the classroom!


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