GIJ: Let’s Tell You The Type Of Guys You Will Meet On Campus.

If you are a student of the Ghana Institute Of Journalism, then you probably must be used to the female-dominated environment on campus.

Even though campus is infested by a lot of beautiful maidens, there are some guys on campus who cannot go unnoticed.

Today we are going to treat your reading pleasure to the types of guys you will find on GIJ Campus.

Ger ready Charley, because it’s going to be an interesting read.

  1. The Book Freaks

Image result for pics of black students

Now, these guys attract allergies any time their sights don’t come into contact with books.

You will mostly find them in the library, under trees, under canopies, and on corridors.

The funny thing is most of them come first in class. Also whenever they aren’t in class, their absence is felt, because they usually flood the class with questions


2. The Fuck Boys

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Now all these guys do is to beng every ‘hole’ that comes their way.

If we are to conduct a survey on the number of pants these guys have seen, then the answers we will arrive at might ‘bost’ your mind.

These guys are very popular on campus as well.

3. The nice guy

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Almost all the girls on campus are attracted to this one.

They are usually neatly and decently dressed

Most of them actually happen to be nerds.

4.The Besties

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Holl up! If you have your secret with any of these guys then be ready to share this same secret with the entire campus.

You usually see these type of guys walk in groups of 4. They share almost everything together.

They eat together. They watch football together. They hang out together and oh they even beng the same girls together..LOL.

5. The I know it all guys

Image result for gifs of a black guy screaming

These guys like to take over every single discussion they are involved in.

They are also usually fond of shutting people up easily.

Ideas from these guys are always the best, in their opinion.


6. The ladies man

Image result for pics of black students

The sight of these guys is usually accompanied with a handful of girls.

You’ll hardly see them with other guys.

You would actually find them playing FIFA with girls in their hostels.

Let’s just say they have the spare key to every girl’s happiness.


There you have it. Which of these guys do you think you are?

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