5 Times People Accused Nicki Minaj Of Copying Lil Kim

If you are a fan of rap music, then you are aware of this debate; the Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim debate. Who is really the Queen of Rap?. Fans on both sides defend their favourite to the gawds!! But facts are  facts and Lil Kim was here before Nikki. She paved the way, we are not here to take sides.

We are just here to give you the Tea… *Sips Tea* ; Which is that Nicki allegedly copies everything Lil Kim does. Hmmm .. lets get into it shall we


Below are 5 times Nicki Minaj allegedly copied Lil Kim

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1. Nicki just released a song Barbie Dreams from her album Queen, which sounds similar to Lil Kim’s song Dream… We will let  you guys be the judge listen to the songs below..






2) Nicki posted a picture if herself wearing a Fendi ensemble to promote her track Chung-Li, and social Media went digging for Kim’s Fendi ensemble Picture


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3. Remember Kim’s Iconic MTV Awards red carpet outfit? You know the one where one of her boobs was left out and nipple covered? well, Kim stepped out at Paris Fashion week with a similar look.

Image result for lil kim and nicki minaj fendi


4. Then came the Mix-tape covers with the similar pose


Image result for lil kim nicki minaj fenty


5. The hair colours!! We all know Lil Kim was the first female Rap Artist to wear different colour wigs.

Image result for lil kim nicki minaj


So it seems like Lil Kim’s fans are just Tayad!! They want Nicki to admit that she gets her inspiration from Lil Kim.. Nevertheless they are both talented artists!!


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