This Lady Did Not Expect What Happened After She Participated An Instagram Giveaway


While people are expanding their businesses through social media, others seem to be sabotaging themselves for failure. 

Recently, on twitter, @adelaidedansoa shared a story that’s somewhat funny, but only for a second. The only feeling that may overwhelm you after, is outrage.

If you’re on Instagram, you know that space is thriving with all manner of online stores. Once in a while, these stores engage in several giveaway strategies to help grow their following and advertise their products. It’s basically a ‘help me help you’ situation.

Now, this is what happened to Adelaide’s cousin, a participant in an IG giveaway:

So this IG account: @everything_girlieworld which basically does what almost all IG stores do: sell clothes, flat tummy teas and other body enhancing products started a giveaway promo with the usual “Take a screenshot of this, repost on your IG and tag as many people as you can.” Naturally, you and the people you tag must follow the account. The winner was to be announced by 8th August.

50 dollars. Not so bad huh?

Long story short, Adelaide’s cousin actively participated and tried getting as many people as she could to help her win. Things got extra exciting when the Giveaway account posted that the winner will be announced on 7th August instead of 8th and like any excited and nervous participant in any competition, @AdelaideDansoaa’s cousin Dm’ed the account to know how long she had to get even more people to help her win. A deadline will help right?

Nothing spoil. She kept on tagging people anyways.

”Tomorrow” came and went with no announcement of a winner. Another day came and went and still, no winner. Ei. So the concerned participant reached out again:

She got ignored, got a bit worried and had her friend DM them too. Under the cover of a potential customer asking about the price of a product, the loyal friend slyly asked about the giveaway.

Well, if support was low or you didn’t get the kind of feedback you were expecting, why not say something? Don’t the participants deserve to at least know anything?

Anyway, take a look at the Giveaway account’s response when the participant DM’ed them for the third time with questions. Brace yourself so your inner Hulk doesn’t explode.

This is an online store vendor, with their official page, interacting with a follower, potential customer AND participant in a giveaway started by them!!!

Why would you talk to someone like this? As a business account? What happened to politely saying “oh I’m sorry, you lost. We appreciate your participation and contribution to our following” or “Due to circumstances beyond our control, the giveaway has been cancelled or rescheduled” or “See we don’t have the money anymore. we are sorry okay”.


The Giveaway account has since deleted the giveaway post but surprisingly, after the Twitter thread got noticed on well, Twitter, the  Giveaway account finally posted the winner and this on their IG story:

Before you start thinking “awwnn that’s nice”, the account in the screenshot is the account of the participant who was asked to “Come and beat me. You didn’t win”.

I don’t know about you but I smell petty over all of this. Out of all the participants, you pick the one who’s been raising questions about the competition and decide to publicly announce her as a loser and then choose someone else as the winner.

We are not going to say she deserved to win, blah blah blah…you can actually check out her IG  (@_candycane.e) and the announced winner’s IG ( @foreverrbbg_) and just decide for yourself.

I don’t know about all of you but I seriously think this is no way to treat a potential customer. We spoke to the outraged @AdelaideDansoaa and she’s confirmed that no apology whatsoever has been made yet to her cousin for the rude comments.





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