Social Media To The Rescue: How An Unemployed Graduate Got Help To Grow Her Anguamoo Startup

Sometimes, all one needs is a single tweet and endless opportunities are opened  to you.

For anybody who’s done National Service before, July and August are the most dreaded months. One is looking to be offered a contract or full time employment.

When that doesn’t come – then just like that you are an unemployed graduate… just like that. No funfair needed.

This girl, who is now the latest internet sensation was staring in the face of unemployment after her National Service ended without an offer for contract or a full time position.

Out of job, she decided to cook ‘anguamo’ for sale.

Her menu comes with sardine, boiled and fried egg and hot chili pepper to go with it

Since she sent a tweet about her joblessness and her decision to sell rice to earn a living, people on Twitter took notice.

Yes, Lexis Bill is one of the Twitter people who took notice.

He got her to feature on his drive time show on Joy FM with Joselyn Dumas.

Just after the entrepreneur’s appearance on the show, people started making offers to help her grow her start up.

They just kept coming

More followed…

And some more..

Now calling herself ‘Anguamowura’ on social media, she has got the most support any start up could hope for.

All the best to her. We will be placing our order soon!

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