Free SHS: Mfantsipim School, Opoku Ware, Wey Gey Hey And 397 Others Have Been Selected To Participate In The Double Track System


When President Akufo-Addo began the implementation of free SHS (free senior secondary education) it became common knowledge that this would result in the increase in the number of senior high school students.

A year into the programme it has become necessary to adopt radical measures in order to accommodate the high number of students who will be going to high school this year.

Political opponents have made their submissions, civil society organizations have also made theirs and now the government has settled with what is called the double track system as a quick fix solution.

The double track system is when the entire student body is divided into two tracks such as track A and B, however, instead of running morning and afternoon shifts like some primary government schools used to do, these tracks will rather take turns throughout the year to attend school on full-time basis.

For instance, when Track A is in school then Track B will be on vacation, vice versa.

Now with this, schools can admit more students than they are used to, without having to increase the infrastructure of the school… same classrooms, dormitories, dining halls and other amenities will be used to serve more students concurrently.

As senior high schools prepare to admit fresh students, the government has released a list of 400 senior high schools that will participate in the double track system.

Together, all 400 schools will admit a total of 387,592 students for the double track system.

Check out the list to confirm if your alma mater or current school will be in the double track system.

We hope this helps in the implementation of the Free SHS programme.

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