ALERT Conti Power Alumni – There Is A Demonstration Today


School is about to resume and it is time Continentals and Kantangees team up to move their fight to maintain their male hall residence status.

That’s because if school resumes and nothing changes, the makeup of Continental and Katanga as we have come to know it will change forever.

The management of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has decided to turn the traditional male halls into a mixed gender hall.

Next semester, if the university authorities will have it, females will be admitted as Continental and Katanga halls residents.

However, the current residents of the hall and their alumni groups have teamed up to stop this move.

They have filed a lawsuit against the university, however, the school is yet to file their defence for the case to be heard.

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As the school plays delaying tactics, time is running out and the reopening date is fast approaching.

In a desperate attempt to get their voices and stop the uni authorities from pushing through their reform, Continentals and Katanga have decided to stage a demonstration today.

If you don’t want your hall to change its gender based residents… then you better show up.

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