Every Girl On Takoradi Technical University Campus Can Be found Within These Categories

Hey guys, if it’s your first time on TTU campus and you’re looking for an ideal girlfriend, you might want to read this first. If you’re a continuing student however and have been gnashing for the past year or two, you would need this as well lol.

These are the various categories on girls on campus.

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She’s your average campus girl. Dresses normally, not over the top, attends some campus events here and there.

She doesn’t study much but has good grades and has an ok vibe with her mates.

We all know this girl.

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She never misses any campus turn-up and is known by all the top guys in the school.

She would tell you, you only live once (YOLO) therefore she is living her life to the fullest.

She’ll tell you she came to school to study and is likely to finish with a first class.

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She is also thinking of her PhD and probably has the next ten years of her life planned out. She’s one of those girls who puzzles every lecturer with questions. If you want someone to challenge academically, she’s your girl.

Intellectuals are tough nuts to crack so guys when approaching, take caution.

The overly pampered daughters of rich parents. These girls are always seen with the Gucci bags, Giorgio Armani dresses and what have you. They are all about social media and their followers are definitely more than yours. Life is pretty good for them.

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Do you know how to easily recognize one? Simple, their manner of speaking, the way they hold their bags or purses, how they get worked up over the smallest things, their constant ranting about the weather, ugh.

They can be such a handful. Well don’t blame them, in several cases they are the only daughters of their parents hence the turnout.

The MARYs and Mother TERESSAs on campus. These church girls do not welcome any drama in their lives as they tend to follow a systematic order of living.

For them it’s church, lectures, prayer meetings, assignments, all-nights, choir rehearsals, church cleaning, evangelism, group studies with church buds and church again, in that order.

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Unless you’re the denominational pastor or church leader, guys, don’t bother please. They’ll quote 2nd Corinthians 6:14-17 for you in a heartbeat. But let’s be honest, we all know not all of them are what they claim to be.

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The boss chics who run the milking business on campus.

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These girls are a living testimony of the saying, “use what you have to get what you want”.

Always seen dropping out of different cars, these girls have one thing on their minds, get that money, that’s all.

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Hey, guys unless you’re blessed by the money gods, please approach not, you’ll just be adding to the list of guys who’ve heard these words, “I don’t roll with small boys”. Now the only way to get such girls if you aren’t dosted is if you’re a lecturer who can pay with marks, if not there is absolutely no chance for you and that’s the hard truth.

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There is always that girl in every class whom a lecturer would mark as his wife. She’s always getting special treatments and doesn’t really have to struggle for marks.

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Although uni campuses are big, these girls manage to get their names on the lips of the entire student population. You probably have seen or heard of them around campus yourself. Just mention their names and you are sure to get people joining in the conversation, they are everywhere.

They only mingle with other popular folks and are more likely to date a popular guy to keep up appearances.

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The glamorous pretties on campus.

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These girls are the ones all the guys are crushing on. These girls aren’t your average plain Janes you barb? Most guys assume the pretty girls are always taken but that’s not always the case so charlay shoot your shot, you might never know.

And that concludes it, these are the various types of girls on campus.



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