Meet Qweku Tee, A Sensational Rapper In CCTU

The Cape Coast Technical University is always coming up with new talents in the entertainment sector and Qweku Tee is one of the talents we found, a sensational rapper. So we met up with him and had an interesting conversation.

KuulpeepsCCTU: Hi there!

Qweku Tee: Hey guys.

KuulpeepsCCTU: Who’s this Qweku Tee we’ve been hearing about?

Qweku Tee: Qweku Tee is my stage name but my birth name is Acquah Theophilus.

KuulpeepsCCTU: Tell us more about yourself?

Qweku Tee: As I said early on, my birth name is Acquah Theophilus, currently in my second year offering HND Purchasing and Supply in CCTU. I’m based in Sakaman. Music is everything to me.

KuulpeepsCCTU: Why is music everything to you?

Qweku Tee: Music is my passion, I feel music is the only way I can speak into the minds and souls of people.

KuulpeepsCCTU: What is your style of music?

Qweku Tee: Afro beat and rap..

KuulpeepsCCTU: How long have you been into music?

Qweku Tee: I’ve been into music not long. I just started this rap thing when I was in senior high school. I dropped a couple of freestyles and that actually made me popular in the school.

KuulpeepsCCTU: What SHS were you in?

Qweku Tee: I was in Kinbu Sec Tech..

KuulpeepsCCTU: Oh Isee. So how do you promote your music?

Qweku Tee: For now, Sound Cloud, Whatsapp Broadcast messages and the likes. My boys just take control of that for me.

KuulpeepsCCTU:  If you are given a chance to produce a song with any known artiste, who would you choose and why?

Qweku Tee: MDK (God bless this), Yaa Pono, Kwaw Kese…

KuulpeepsCCTU: How do you intend to influence the youth with your music?

Qweku Tee:  I want to use music to get to the youth, share my positive thoughts on stuff going on and try to get us on the right path. I want to use my music to inspire my listeners and have direct positive impacts on their lives. The youth nowadays, they’re all about music..

KuulpeepsCCTU: Are your family in support of this?

Qweku Tee: Yes! Everyone is okay with it. They see nothing wrong with it.

KuulpeepsCCTU: Are there any challenges so far, especially with your academics?

Qweku Tee: : I face no challenges fusing the music with my academics; I just have to make good grades.

KuulpeepsCCTU: How is your social life; are you the fun type or the typical indoor guy?

Qweku Tee: Lmao, I’m the fun type.I really like parties especially clubbing. I try to make myself happy.

KuulpeepsCCTU: Let’s get a little personal, do you have a girlfriend?

Qweku Tee: Of course I do lol.

KuulpeepsCCTU: Are there any upcoming songs we should expect from you??

Qweku Tee: You should be expecting something mega soon.

Link to my song


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