Here Are 5 Conveniently Easy Beauty Hacks For Women

It’s no surprise that beauty has fast grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry over the decades. As most women know, the range of hair products, skin potions, and cosmetics available in stores can be a bit pricey.

Many of us are looking for fast, fuss-free, natural, or simple ways to become more beautiful. The great news is, there are a lot of clever “beauty hacks” to be discovered and used, many of them are right in your kitchen, bathroom, or makeup kit.

Here is a rundown of six cosmetics “hacks” out there—all of which we know you can get your hands on right now, if they aren’t already in your house–and how they can be used.



Image result for vaseline as eyelash conditioner

Hands down petroleum Jelly is the MVP of all beauty hacks, there are many things you can do with vaseline.

  1. remove eyeshadow
  2. condition your lashes
  3. as lipgloss
  4. rub it on your teeth to avoid lipstick stains
  5. massage it on your elbows and heels to soften cracked skin


Apple Cider Vinegar

Image result for apple cider vinegar as facial toner


not only is  it considered a health miracle by many, it is a beauty regime

  1. use it as a skin toner to treat and prevent acne
  2. use it as a detangler for natural hair
  3. apply it to dark spots on your face


Coconut Oil

Image result for coconut oil

Coconut Oil isn’t just for food, it works just as good outside the food department.

  1. use it to shave to get silk-like legs
  2. rub it on your nails and cuticles to help strengthen them
  3. good to use as lipgloss


Double duty make up

Image result for eyeshadow as blush

we all know good makeup can be expensive, so here is how to make good use of your products

  1. use mascara as eyeliner
  2. use earth tone eyeshadows as blush



Image result for egg as hair mask

While you’re busy frying the eggs, remember to save some for your beauty hacks.

1.sread egg whites under your eyes and let it dry to remove puffy eyes

2.use egg white as a mask to help with your oily skin

3.use a whole egg to treat your natural hair


We bet you are surprised at how many things these household items can do.


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