Take 100 Legon Boys And 99.9% Of Them Fall Into These Categories.

Everybody knows there are several guys on legon campus. Take 10 boys, for instance, there are particular traits that run through all of them. It’s been tried and tested lol. Check out the types of guys you are definitely going to encounter on campus.

The Brother Michael’s

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From Monday dawn to Sunday evening, take a walk around the Sarbah field. You will find them speaking in tongues, with their hands on their ears. During the day, it’s not that hard to find them. Their clothing line is a pair of baggy jeans or trousers and a t-shirt with scripture inscriptions behind it. Sometimes, they go official, with a shirt and trousers. Aside the Sarbah field, you’ll find them in the balme library or the 24 hour reading room, trying to bag the 4.0.

I’m With You But I’m Not Yours

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The next people on the list are the boys you have to run away from. The original owners of the RJZ song. These are the boys who manage to get the attention of every single girl on campus. They can wrap you in their arms with words and promises like Shakespeare. There are rumors of girls they are dating, but ask them and they will even deny the very existence of the girl.

The Fake Deeps

You see those pictures that you cannot relate to, but is supposed to carry some deep meaning bi??

Like this

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These guys are the nerds who have “guyed up” from their Senior Secondary. Whatever it is you are looking for, from music to movies, and books, they’ve got the sauce. You’d think they all wear glasses, but no, not all of them. They just put on a long-sleeve t-shirt and a cap with some sneakers or Adidas slips and that’s it.

The Popular Guys

The guys who pass funny comments in your class when the lecturer says something. The ones who make sure that as soon as they enter, everyone will feel their presence. Still can’t identify? Relax, the famous guy in your hall who just has everyone’s attention but isn’t really doing anything. They usually have a funny way they walk, dress or talk. They are everyone’s ‘friend’ lol.

The Pimps

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All the nice guys with plenty female friends fall under this category. They know every single fine girl on campus, yes, including your crush! Take a walk with them on campus and count the number of “heys” and hugs they take. They have every girl’s number on their phone, all you need to do is ask, and they gotcha.

The Cool As Ice

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The friendly and fine guys are here. They aa they are not krife, they too they are not really bad like that. But they still beat though lol. They are generally nice. They will help you in class, on your way to lectures or in your hall, when you are carrying a load.

You definitely fit into one of these. If you don’t, leave a comment.


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