9 Talented Music Artistes Who Deserve More Time In The Spotlight

We love music. The parties and chilling and troski rides won’t be fun without music, right? At this point, every music lover is well aware of all the mainstream artistes but real music lovers know for a fact that there are some music artistes who deserve a little more spot in the limelight!! Not that they aren’t appreciated at all but they deserve some of the extra attention other artistes are getting.


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Teephlow. True king of punchlines and bars upon bars in Fante too!!! To be honest, you may need a pen and paper to break down his genius and understand what he says.


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Y’all need to pay attention to this talented artiste with the unique voice and style! If you loved Grind with Vision DJ, then you should listen to his other songs. There are a couple more party worthy discoveries, we promise.


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You think you know and understand twi? Lol listening to Akan will prove that you don’t. Your High School twi teacher will tremble before this genius! His lyrically mind ‘bosting’ flow will have you thinking of making him the Chief of Ashanti.


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If you’re looking for an alternate vibe, check out Worlasi’s music. He blends the ewe with pidgin, has some mad rap skills and delivers well crafted and culturally infused melodies that will definitely leave you in awe.

Yaa Pono

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This lyrically gifted rapper flows in the twi dialect like no ones business. Most of his rap, if not all, have some bit of humor  His music is definitely catchy!

Cina Soul

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She has an angelic voice that will leave goosebumps all over your body when you listen to her tunes. You really ‘do your body’ if you don’t listen to her.


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You probably remember him as the winner of the rap reality show: “Next Big Thing In GH”. He’s since been signed by Sarkodie and has some amazing songs with other artistes.


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You should be familiar with this name already! He’s given us hits and has sprinkled his greatness all over some amazing additions to the music industry. Remember Skillions? You know Sarkodie right? Herh rap boss papa paa!

Bryan The Mensah 

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This fresh addition to the music industry will leave you very impressed with his creativity and passion for his craft. People! you need to listen to his works of perfection before you’re too late.

If there are any more artistes you know are really good but feel they aren’t getting the kind of hype they deserve, let us know! Comment their names and we’ll join you pray more Ghanaians start to appreciate their music!


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