UG: Here Is How To Wake Up Late And Still Be On Time For Lectures.

About 10 days to get back to school, and start going for lectures.  Are you a bed bender? Is that Mr. Principled lecturer always sacking you from class?  Even if you tried, you just never make it on time for lectures?

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In fact, to make it on time for exams, you have to set 15 alarms in a 10-minute interval just to wake up before 7:30? Are you a fresher who has foreseen the future and know you will be one of the above mentioned? Then you are in luck, the UG Pacesetters (that is us KUULPEEPS) are here to the rescue. Just keep reading and take notes.

Iron the night before

Now as a legon student your fashion statement is your identity and everyone in UG, be it a fresher or continuing student can’t afford to step out without ironing their attire.  This is one of the major reasons we are always late. The 20 minutes you take to iron the morning of the lecture is more than enough time to make it to NNB from the main campus. So why not iron the night before or even better, iron in bulk at the beginning of the week.

Breakfast to go.

If you are one to have luxurious breakfasts at home, please throw that habit out. Simply grab a trendy flask for your hot chocolate (milo) and make chibom (bread and egg) wrapped in a paper bag. Branding nu!! You can munch on it whiles in the shuttle or taxi or if you walked, you can eat it once you get to the lecture hall. (Is that even allowed? Lmao)

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Pack your bag.

Most guys do not need bags, once you fold the book into your back pocket, you are good to go.

so this would be mainly for my ladies, please grab that purse or bag you wanna go to class with and pack it with the essentials you need the night before. This reduces the stress put on you once you have missed all your alarms and you are already late.

Set your multiple alarms.

Setting your alarm in multiples isn’t only annoying but it serves as a prompt to your brain.

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This is good because waking up abruptly especially when you haven’t had enough sleep leads to unwanted brain freezes and migraines. Since you set the alarm yourself, you wake up to end the first one and return to bed,

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but what happens is your brain is now awake and purring. By the 4th alarm you virtually just being purely lazy, but your brain is fully active. To be safe, set 7 alarms with a 15 minutes intervals.


Now, this is for those who followed 1 to 4 perpetually yet still woke up at 7:20 am for the 7:30 class.

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You, my brother or sister, are suffering from chronic laziness, and there is only one solution – “Ablution,” as you have already gathered is quite similar to what Muslims do. It’s done by washing your face and arms with water, and also the hair for guys, O and also your armpits just to clear the odor. The final step is flooding your clothes with perfumes and body mists to mask your natural body musk. Walaaahhh you ready for class.

PS: do remember to take your bath after lectures, ablution has a way of convincing you-you have taken a bath when you actually haven’t. You never know when that crush decides to approach you.


Bonus point: Study before you go to bed.

This has nothing to do with waking up early or getting to class on time, but well it makes you look smart. Just pick your notes and slides and read through a bit before going to bed. You can add that week’s topic for good measure. You never know, there might be a surprise quiz or you might be surprised by a question from the lecturer. Either way, you are still prepared.

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