Meet Desmond Bredu, The Ghanaian ‘Shark’ Who Won 3 ACCA Awards

If you’re on Twitter and Linked In, you’ve probably seen posts about the young Ghanaian making waves after writing his ACCA exams. Desmond Bredu, the 20 something year old describes himself as a normal person who actually struggles to learn. Lol shocking right? Especially as he’s aced his ACCA papers, emerging 2nd, 10th and 15th in three of his papers: Advanced Audit, Auditing and Assurance and Operations and Risks Management respectively. Mind you, these are papers that were written by thousands of candidates world-wide so to be a Ghanaian winning three awards… issa big deal!! Kuulpeeps just had to find out how he performed this magic!


Kuulpeeps: We’ve heard how difficult ACCA papers are. How did you prepare for yours?

Desmond: Okay so because of my work schedule and my natural love for studying by myself, I make sure I wake up early enough to study for 2 hours before work and that’s it.

Kuulpeeps: No classes? Or you’ve got one of those eidetic memories?

Desmond: Nope. I’m just quick to understand things and I don’t even like reading for a long time. I just like reading for short times and within that short period, I want to grab everything within that time.

Kuulpeeps: No distractions right?

Desmond: So that’s the beauty of studying. Some like to be concentrated on what they’re studying but I prefer to disturb myself while I study. So for me, that’s where candy crush comes in. I used to watch TV while studying as a kid and I think I went to the library just three times in school;the place was too quiet for me. Distractions while studying works well for me that’s why I play candy crush while studying.

Kuulpeeps: And with all the distraction, you still never stepped foot in a class.

Desmond: like I said, work schedule but also, with my long term goal of becoming a lecturer some day, If I don’t learn to teach myself, how will I be able to teach others?

Kuulpeeps: I’m sure you’ve been receiving awards since you started school cos this level of ‘sharkness’

Desmond: Lol not really. I was the top scorer in my school in JHS and back in Pope John’s SHS, I used to do well on class lists ranking as high up as 3rd one time. There weren’t really any awards tho.

Kuulpeeps: have you always wanted to be an accountant?

Desmond: I think so. Growing up, all my Dad’s friends called me Minister of Finance. I think it’s because I’m really good with numbers I dunno but  I still get that a lot still…Minister of Finance or Bank of Ghana Governor prophecies.

Kuulpeeps: What else contributed to your success? Aside God of course and your amazing self teaching abilities.

Desmond: Work and family. My work environment helped. Naturally, I think in things like this, you need bosses who’d be supportive of what you’re doing. Mine have been amazing. STANLIB Ghana Limited is like a family and the bosses are unbelievable.  It’s actually my boss who pushed me to do the ACCA. Also, my family has been amazing in ways I cannot describe to you.

Kuulpeeps: That’s awesome! So how are you enjoying the celeb status now?

Desmond: Lol I’m not really a celeb! But I’ve got people reaching out asking for help and tips. it’s a beautiful feeling, getting people congratulating you and all. The really important thing is my family is happy and that’s all that really matters.

Kuulpeeps: I’m sure they’re so proud right now!

Desmond: They are. Funny thing is, last year, I didn’t think getting the award was a big deal so I told my parents not to bother coming but I promised them they’d be at the ceremony this year and…yeah they did!

Kuulpeeps: How were your parents like growing up? And how has that contributed to where you are now?

Desmond: My parents are amazing. My mum shaped me a lot. Where I come from, there aren’t too many examples to follow so my mum was really strict on what I do especially in terms of studies. She didn’t really allow me play football mostly because of the work she did (orthopedic) and the kind of injuries people came in with associated with football so she was overprotective but I still sneaked out sometimes when I could.
My dad has also been super supportive. He pushed me to study hard and that has paid off.

Kuulpeeps: You were in PJ right?

Desmond: Yes. I was in Elsbernd House. Look PJ is one of the best schools in Ghana in terms of discipline. It’s shaped me discipline wise and see, if my future son doesn’t school abroad, he will definitely go to PJ!

Kuulpeeps: Lmao okay so what’s your best memory from school?

Desmond: Best memories… there’s a lot of them I can’t really pick one. Oh maybe the day I found out I was third when the class list came out counts as one but on the whole, not too many sad days in PJ. Everything was good. All I did was study, break a few rules. Minor rules please. I was a good boy.

Kuulpeeps: Bad memories?

Desmond: The day I went for SRC treasurer. Lol I lost by only 5 votes. I was so heartbroken but it taught me a big lesson and actually motivated me that I couldn’t do this on a smaller stage. I needed a bigger stage and that’s how I worked on my mistakes and became the Akuafo Hall JCR President later in Uni. of Ghana.

Kuulpeeps: What do you usually like to do for fun?

Desmond: I think I’ve been to the club a few times…oh and I love EATING at restaurants but my chilling paa is football. Maybe because I wasn’t really allowed to play as a child, I love to watch it all the time! I really can’t study when there’s a match and I’m a strong Chelsea fan! I find it hard to study or do other things when there is a Chelsea match at the same time. See sometimes I even dream I’m a footballer. That’s how much I love the game.

Kuulpeeps: How would you describe yourself using one word?

Desmond: I’m driven. I know what I want to do and I want to achieve all my goals. In fact the right word for me will be an Achiever. I’m an Achiever. I want to achieve stuff. People think I’ve planned my life but that’s not the case. I just plan things out like this is what I want, this is what I want to do and I set out to do it.

Kuulpeeps: Back to the papers you wrote, why do you think some people fail and what’s your secret to passing ACCA papers?

Desmond: First of all, ACCA papers are tough! You need a pass mark of 50 and to be very honest, its not easy. For most people, lets blame the educational system. Most people use the undergraduate approach: chew and pour. You can try it and get 50 or something but to excel, you need to apply what you study.

Kuulpeeps: So what is your secret to passing your papers??

Desmond: Pray hard, learn hard, play hard.

Kuulpeeps: play hard? Candy crush I guess lol!

Desmond: hahaha yes. But in studying, for me, what I did was practicalize what I study in my mind. I try to understand and put a scenario to it. This makes it easier for me then cos now I can apply it anywhere no matter how many times it’s twisted and turned. Not every day chew and pour. Sometimes, challenge what the book says and learn.

Desmond: I’m actually open to helping people, answering questions and all concerning the papers. Work is tough sometimes but once I’ve got the time, I can help. My DMs and my TL is open. Once I have the time, I can answer questions concerning the ACCA.

Y’all know what to do right? Follow him on Twitter @parlenzy77 and Linked In (Desmond Bredu) and maybe his genius will rub off on you.



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