Methodist University Kuulpeeps, You Can Access Your Results Anywhere Now Just By Following These Simple Steps

Hey!!! Heard the good news already? If you haven’t, let us share the good news with you.

Methodist University students can now access their results from home!!!! Yesss, you saw it right. All students can now access their results from home. We know we got you like

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What seemed to be a mission impossible has finally become a reality. Before, you could only access the results using the school WiFi, now with your own data and at your comfort, you can access your results quickly.

Confused about how? Just follow these simple steps and you’re good to go.

Log on to the school’s website here

Once the window is opened, click on the Student Information Portal

The OSIS now opens for you to continue with the process.

Type in your username and password then you can log in.

When logged in, click on published results to know your grade status

Simple huh? Yeah, Kuulpeeps!! Now you can harbor all the heartbreaks and joy at home lol.

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