Check Out The Fees Students Are Likely To Pay In These Hostels At Methodist University

Have you gained admission and have started checking out accommodation on Methodist University Campus?

Then look no further, your choice is either Alpharoyal hostel or Centrelink hostel. These are the two hostels on campus.


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We know the next question is, what are the fees?

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Yeah, we got you!!! We are going to let you in on how much fees you’re presumably going to pay at either Alpharoyal or Centrelink hostel.

Let’s begin with Alpharoyal Hostel,

1 in a room-       GH¢1700
2 in a room-      GH¢850
3 in a room-      GH¢550
4 in a room-       GH¢450


Then the Centrelink Hostel,

1 in a room-       GH¢4400
2 in a room-      GH¢2200
3 in a room-      GH¢1500
4 in a room-       GH¢850

Prices are subject to change and unconfirmed by authorities, therefore Kuulpeeps MUCG will keep you updated, should there be any changes!

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