Welcome To Ghana – A Sex Tape Scandal Of A Supposed St Louis SHS Student Has Leaked Online

Today, WhatsApp and other social media platforms are buzzing with another sex tape scandal.

It seems for our supposed morality, all of us have a bit of kinkines in us.

The sex tape, which for obvious reasons we cannot share with you features one girl (Ayisha) and three boys. Two were having sex with Ayisha at the same time and the third was the one who filmed the scene. We cannot confirm whether he too had sex with Ayisha.

Confirmed reports reaching us indicates that Ayisha claims she had no knowledge that the guys were taking the video and she had no idea such a video even existed. She explained that it was even her mother who sent the video to her, according to GhPage.

But either wasn’t paying attention or the above statement is a lie, because there was a section of the video where the guy recording it assured them that he will delete the video as soon as they were done.

There are people saying that she was drugged and hence was not fully self aware of what was happening.

Anyway, the video was taken and now it has been leaked. The genie is out of the bottle as they say.

We just hope that instead of slut shaming Ayisha alone… the three boys will also get their share of bad press.

In any case, they are in this together.

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