UEW:Here Are Types Of Guys You’re Bound To Meet On Campus

Uni can be the worst place on earth, but it can also be the best. This depends on the people you meet and the experience you have.

There are generally 5 types of guys who go to the University, these guys you can almost find on any campus, they’re always around even if you don’t want them to be. They can be annoying at times and cool other times, but honestly, you don’t really ever want to date them. We’ll talk about how they can be a bit different from each other. Of course, we know that not everyone falls into these categories of guys, we know everyone is unique and while this article is just taking individual’s experiences and creating a guide to guys, it is all in good fun. We know that no one should be put in a box, but honestly, we all have to admit at some time or another that it is pretty interesting to see individuals who literally seem to follow guidelines step by step when it comes to a random stereotype. Okay, let’s do this…

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The Linkster.

This guy thinks he’s the most unique person you’ll ever meet. He listens to music you’ve never heard of, watches low budget movies, thinks he’s such a hipster, and oh yeah, he can’t sing but he’s always kinda loud. We call this one a linkster because he’s like the human G.P.S. lol! Ask him about anything or anybody and he has your info…..BAM!

The Nice Guy.

This guy is the one you want to be best friends with. He is so funny and laid back, and not a single soul could ever say anything bad about him. He’s like a brother to you and everyone else on campus. Need a go-to-date for formal? Call him up. Not only will he only show up–he’ll be the most fun on the dance floor

The Couple

Yes, these are technically two people, but honestly this couple, you know exactly who this is. They practically seem like one person. They’re always together and they will never do anything without the other. This guy is always with his partner, they never do anything alone, even when it comes to going to parties. This dynamic can oftentimes be okay and not a big deal, but when you are invited to something and you bring your partner constantly when no one knows about it, it can be a problem for people you aren’t too comfortable with that. The couple is always rubbing it in your face how happy they are together and they are generally just annoying about their love and how they met. Have you ever seen this kind of person on your campus, we know we have! We would also advise you to stay clear of this couple since all they care about is themselves and themselves only.

The Local Champion

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This guy might come off as normal or even a tad bit geeky, but you have to give him credit because he really does know all the cool hotspots. He’s most likely a local and owns a camera too, but he’s still pretty cool to hang out with. Just make sure that you make it clear to him that you’re not looking to date or he will seriously just take it too far. It’s best if these types of guys stay more like a brother/friend. This guy is kinda sketchy at times too, he usually wants to be friends at first but is only using that to find out if he wants to date you. Soon enough he’ll be bored and start the whole routine over again with some new girl because he wants to be able to show them all the “cool” local spots so he can impress them. Like, good for you dude, but we’ll pass on your giant ego.

Mama’s Boy

Probably the best kind of guy to be friends with during college.

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This guy is sweet and nice, he never crosses the line. Even though he probably has a crush on you, he will never bring it up unless you do first. Whether you do or not that’s completely up to you. The mama’s boy is sometimes quiet and usually into art or some other creative medium. He’s in touch with his feelings and he will listen to your problems. Mama’s boy is usually a pretty cool guy, he’s always there to talk and you’ll probably have sleepovers and movie nights that aren’t even weird. While he might have a crush on you, he values your friendship more than anything and would never risk it unless one night he drinks too much and tells you the truth. Honestly, he’s basically marriage material, keep that in mind when he finally confesses how he feels.


Have you met any of these guys on your college campus, are you friends with anyone like this? Have you dated a guy like this before? We’re dying to know!

We can actually keep going on and on but let’s just leave it here. Tell us which type of guy you think we didn’t add and we just go update the list. We dey give y’all.

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