Hey CCTU Fresher! These Are The Kind Of Guys You’re Most Likely To Meet On Campus

Yo Squaaaadd!

Here at CCTU, these are the different types of guys you will meet on campus


So these guys just came to school to just have fun. They are the type of guys that will be at the hostel and wont come to class but whenever they hear anything about quizzes or midserm ‘p3’ then they start rushing to class.


For these guys, sports is at the top of the priority list. Most of them were basically admitted because they are so good in sports.


The ‘D-bees’ on campus. These guys come from rich homes and have everything provided for them. They always have the trendiest items and spend money “basaa”.

Slay Kings

So Im not even supposed to talk about this squad. They just slay everywhere they go, they look sharp all the time.

The Late Comers

This squad “dieee” they are always late to class. There’s never a single day that they’ll come to class early.


These guys bring the life to the party; they are party “gbees”. All they do is wait for a party to come so they can go and spoil there.


The first class students are the ones all parents want you to be like. These guys are always with their books and place assignments and studies above everything else

The Ladies Man

These boys are always seen with ladies. If you dont see him standing with a group of ladies, then
he’s with one girl somewhere. Even in class “kraa” they sit with ladies.

The Church Boys

These students as they would tell you, came to school to do ministry. Mostly referred to as ‘Osofo’.

Some of them are genuinely good Christians whiles the others claim to be part. “ah well who are we to judge lol”


Do you know of any group of guys that wasn’t added? Let us know in the comment section below.

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