Here Are 5 Lies You Will Be Telling Yourself This Semester

Yeah! You read the caption right!

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In this article we are going to predict 5 lies every university student will be telling themselves this semester.

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No, we ain’t Harry Potter charley or maybe we are…just read on and tell us if we didn’t get it right?

You are going to stop skipping lectures

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Yeah…we know you probably told yourself this lie already. We all have made new semester resolutions to attend every lecture, but we bet only a handful of us will stick  to their guns. It’s a mystery, but then the feeling you get when you skip a lecture is the best one ever, unless there’s an unannounced test then you do yawa…but come on, three whole hours of one person’s boring voice for a whole semester…stick pins in our eyes instead. Skipping lectures is going to be your favourite ritual this semester!

Your assignments are going to be finished on time

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This lie! We don’t know why, but assignments are just not meant to be finished before the submission date  unless you’re the nerdy type, then we say, Gboza! You pick the book to research and your brain tells you to do it the next day! You get ready to type and the body won’t just allow you. There’s never enough time to finish your assignment till submission is the next day! If the lecturers don’t want us to copy, why do they give us those take home assignments!

You are going to stop overspending

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Little wallets with huge budgets..that’s what every uni student is. You have told yourself that you will be spending less and have maybe promised yourself to cut back on all extra costs. No, we aren’t against your determination. In fact, we acknowledge your attempt to save more this semester…but, it’s just not going to happen! Check back with us when you’ve paid for that extra make-up kit you don’t really need or you’ve bought airtime for those girls who are not your girlfriends.

You are going to stop making up stories for extra cash from Mummy and Daddy

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So you think you are going to stop taking money for the geo,the gra and the phy? or perhaps you’re trying to ditch collecting money for the psy, cho and logy books. Well, it ain’t happening this semester because every uni student needs extra cash and what harm does a little lying cause right? Holla at us when you get the alert for the curri and culum books yeah!

You are going to get closer to God

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In hopes of getting you out of the D’s, you promised to serve him better this semester, right?  You might have promised God not to skip church activities or probably to fast every Friday! ‘Wehdone ooo’! Just remember this article when you’re running away trying to hide from your church members or coming up with that lie to tell your denominational heads when they ask why you’ve not been coming to church.

Tell us you can’t relate to this article. We gotcha right?



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