Get Boo’ed Up : Here Is What Not To Do On Your First Date.

First dates can cause so much anxiety, no lies there. Talking back and forth, trying to create some sort of conversational rhythm with someone you’ve probably been texting on WhatsApp for a few weeks.

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Every first date you have is potentially the last first date you will ever have!

The crush you’ve been spotting since orientation finally asked you out on a date. Want to wow the person you’re meeting on your first date­? Then brace yourselves to be schooled on what you should never do on first dates.

A first date should be kept light and positive. Focus on getting to know your date but don’t interrogate. Be cool. Stop talking about your exes and ideal partners on your first dates.

Who wants to hear abourrit?

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Uh, nobody, please. That is why you’re trying to move on and that is why this is supposed to be a new chapter in your life.

Please and please again, don’t be late. A first date is pretty awkward on its own and you’d only make it worse if you keep your date waiting for a while. Even though he or she might not show it, there would be this sort of irritation when you arrive and your score will reduce by far.

We always aim for more than a hunnid or wys?

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We understand the pressure associated with first dates. Not knowing what exactly to say and what not. However, avoid unnecessary conversations. Conversations about sex, politics, and religion should be greatly avoided. You really don’t want to be making your date uncomfortable.

You are Awesome, we get it!

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But don’t go making the conversation all about you and your life. Ask about your date’s life too. Get to know each other .

Don’t talk over your date. Listen to whatever your date has to say. Be polite about everything you do and be chill about it.

Next point, check your manners. No phones! Please don’t check your phone like you have somewhere else to be. You’d give out the wrong signals.

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Even if you’re not feeling the date, own it. Make the person feel extra comfortable.

Ladies! The Make Up! Please keep it light and simple! You don’t want him running away the next time he meets you in the morning. Be true to yourself.

Guys, don’t eat like you’re with boys boys but that notwithstanding, be comfortable. Ladies, the same goes for you.

Finally, first impressions really count. Dress well, be clean, be generous with the bill, be nice to your waiters.

Whatever you do, if you drink, don’t get drunk. That’s a complete deal breaker.

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It’s best to steer clear off the liquor if you know you’re a complete lightweight. Learn self-control before your first date if you know you have this problem.

Be comfortable, wear cool clothes and don’t get too personal. It’s only a first date. Work painlessly to make it a number two! Good luck Kuulpeeps.


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