Lionel Messi Beats Cristiano Ronaldo In A Ranking Of Forbes 2018 Highest-Paid Entertainers

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There’s never been a better time to be famous. The world’s 100 top-earning entertainers pulled in a combined $6.3 billion over the past 12 months, up 22% from last year; eleven superstars crossed the $100 million thresholds+, more than double the number from the last two years combined.

Your man, the Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather leads the Forbes 100 Highest-Earning Entertainers for the year with $285 M.

Joining him in the top three is George Clooney and Kylie Jenner with $239 M and $166.5 M, respectively.


Dwayne Johnson came in 5th with $124 M.

In the world of football… we will give the GOAT status to Lionel Messi if we are talking strictly money made in the year under review according to the Forbes list.

Lionel Messi was number 8 on the list as he earned $111 M, meanwhile Cristiano Ronaldo earned $108 M for the number 10 position on the list.

Yeah… Messi earned $3 M more than CR7 did.

Below is the TOP 30:

Rank                      Name                                    Age                        Earnings                               Category

#1                           Floyd Mayweather          41                           $285 M                                 Athletes

#2                           George Clooney                 57                           $239 M                                 Actors

#3                           Kylie Jenner                       20                           $166.5 M                             Personalities

#4                           Judy Sheindlin                   75                           $147 M                                 Personalities

#5                           Dwayne Johnson              46                           $124 M                                 Actors

#6                           U2                                          –                              $118 M                                 Musicians

#7                           Coldplay                               –                              $115.5 M                             Musicians

#8                           Lionel Messi                       31                           $111 M                                 Athletes

#9                           Ed Sheeran                         27                           $110 M                                 Musicians

#10                         Cristiano Ronaldo             33                           $108 M                                 Athletes

#11                         Bruno Mars                        32                           $100 M                                 Musicians

#12                         Conor McGregor              30                           $99 M                                   Athletes

#13                         Neymar                                 26                           $90 M                                   Athletes

#13                         Howard Stern                    64                           $90 M                                   Personalities

#15                         Ellen DeGeneres              60                           $87.5 M                               Personalities

#16                         James Patterson               71                           $86 M                                   Authors

#17                         LeBron James                    33                           $85.5 M                               Athletes

#18                         Rush Limbaugh                  67                           $84.5 M                               Personalities

#19                         Katy Perry                           33                           $83 M                                   Musicians

#20                         Robert Downey Jr.           53                           $81 M                                   Actors

#21                         Taylor Swift                        28                           $80 M                                   Musicians

#22                         Dr. Phil McGraw               67                           $77.5 M                               Personalities

#23                         Roger Federer                   36                           $77.2 M                               Athletes

#24                         Stephen Curry                   30                           $76.9 M                               Athletes

#25                         Jay-Z                                      48                           $76.5 M                               Musicians

#26                         Ryan Seacrest                    43                           $74 M                                   Personalities

#27                         Guns N’ Roses                   –                              $71 M                                   Musicians

#28                         Roger Waters                     –                              $68 M                   Musicians

#29                         Matt Ryan                           33                           $67.3 M               Athletes

#30                         Kim Kardashian West      37                           $67 M                   Personalities

If you want the full list… click here.

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