KNUST: Meet Blessed Charles, The Valedictorian Who Graduated With A CWA Of 82.41

Everyone walks into the university hoping to graduate with good grades. Who doesn’t want to graduate with a first class? The joy that comes with it alone! We got the chance to have a chat with the valedictorian of KNUST 52nd congregation and we have no plans of hiding it from YOU. This is what he had to say.

KuulpeepsKNUST: Can you give a brief description of yourself

Blessed: My name is Blessed Charles Amankwah Amoah. I come from Asante Mampong. I’ve also lived there since I was a child. I have 2 siblings of which I’m the eldest. I went to OWASS. In addition, I see myself as a great leader in the making.

KuulpeepsKNUST: Definitely a great leader. Congratulations for being the valedictorian of the 52nd Congregation of KNUST. What was your CWA though?

 Blessed: Thank you very much. I graduated with a CWA of 82.41

KuulpeepsKNUST: Attaining a CWA of 50 is even a problem for most students. Tell us how you did that.

Blessed: Well, first of all, it was the unique grace of God upon me. Also, I have thoughts of getting high marks only usually above 80 and since thoughts are powerful I got what I always had in my mind. In addition, I learnt all that I was supposed to learn prior to exams over and over and over and left no stone unturned.

KuulpeepsKNUST: Impressive. In order to achieve such high marks, you must have started with some super grades, what was your starting CWA?

Blessed: No. I started very low and I increased gradually. I started with 75.6

KuulpeepsKNUST: 75.6?? And that was low. Wow

Blessed: …some people started above 80 so comparing what I had with theirs I think it’s low

KuulpeepsKNUST: Was it solely your books or you had other things you attached seriousness to?

Blessed: It was not solely my books. I was very active in the church. I eventually became an assistant organizing secretary…Prayer secretary.  I also engaged in some leadership roles

KuulpeepsKNUST: Were you in an intimate relationship with any female?

Blessed: No. I didn’t get into any till I finished. But I have a close friend at UCC

KuulpeepsKNUST: A cloosseee friend. I see.

Blessed: LOL your close is very close*laughs* It’s not like that though.

KuulpeepsKNUST: It is what it is then. What was your program of study? And how did you balance your academics and your activities in church?

Blessed: I studied Petroleum Engineering. Balancing the two activities all bulked down to planning. At the beginning of the semester, I put together a comprehensive plan with the help of the Holy Spirit. Once I followed the plan the journey was smooth. I was flexible enough on the plan to allow room for uncertainties.

When it was time to do academic related stuff I did so and not church related stuff. And when it was time to do church related stuff I did so and not academic related stuff. In other words, I didn’t mix things together

KuulpeepsKNUST: That’s great. Did you ever have plans of involving yourself in student politics?

Blessed: Haha…Oh, I did and lost. I contested for PESA (Petroleum Engineering Students Association) presidency but I lost by 12 votes. Looking back I think it was God’s plan that I lost. I might not have been able to combine it well with my other activities

KuulpeepsKNUST: Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity. Before I end this, a little advice to those of us still on the journey

Blessed: For those still in school, I would like to encourage them that they can achieve their ambitions no matter how big it may seem. Learn to focus on what you want, remove every distraction, imagine the end result and work hard towards the goal and when the cloud is full of rain it will empty itself upon the earth. Thank You

KuulpeepsKNUST: Welcome Blessed.


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