Tidal Rave 2018 – These Tweets Captured The bEST 2018 Tidal Rave Experience

Tidal Rave on Saturday and the early hours of Sunday was just LIT!!!!

Today, we are going back to our jobs and/or getting ready to head back to school. The good thing is that we have super fun Tidal Rave memories to keep us on the edge till next year… that is.

Because we love you, we have this fix for you. Anytime life is getting hard on you and you think you need another Tidal Rave shot for a momentary escape, these Tweets will do it…





Now, we know we can’t possibly have all the amazing Tidal Rave experiences tweets here… Just check out the hashtag and viola….. You’re back in the fun bubble that is Tidal Rave.

May the Rave be with you till next year.


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