Shatta Michy Wants Shatta Wale To Pay Her GHS 1.5 Million Before She Will Go Back To Him

Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy

So, while we were partying our heads off at Tidal Rave, Shatta Wale was begging Shatta Michy on social media to return to him.

Their love story has all the twist and turns that will make for a good Mexican soap opera.

Shatta Michy quickly moved from the ride or die chick to the disgraced baby mama that nobody in the Shatta Movement wanted to even hang out with.

Her messy break up from Shatta Wale that even turned violent was well documented on social media.

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She was ostracised from the Shatta Movement and she went on to drop Shatta only to be referred to as Michy.

Then she used her Instagram bio to throw shade – talking about her independence and how she is her own self-aware woman.

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We told y’all about Shatta Wale’s rumoured South African babe only to realise weeks later that the two had broken up.

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That break up coincided with Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy hanging out which Michy later told us was only for co-parenting reasons.

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Now it seems Shatta Wale wants more than just co-parenting.

18+ please….

Now, y’all need to add CDS to your vocabulary. You will need it when you are fighting bae for cheating on you.

lol.. the CDS got us too.

Then Michy started making the real demands…. yep…

But the ‘Amount’ hitmaker was ready for her… He offered her $150K (GHS 718,777). Look that is almost GHS 1 million!!!!

But Shatta Michy needed to push the envelope…. she asked for $300,000 (GHS 1,437,555)… lol… She wants almost (GHS 1.5 million).. damn!

Kiwi polish and GHS 1.5 million… That will be a damn good apology not to accept…lol

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