Hey TTU! Let’s Show You How To Write That A+ Attachment Report

So the academic year’s attachment period is almost over and what follows next is the stress that comes with attachment report writing. But hey, relax, Kuulpeeps gotcha.

Students spend several minutes on the phone calling friends and classmates for instructions on how to write a good report.

Well that’s why we are here to make it easier for you.

Take a notepad and jot down these pointers.


Cover page

Table of contents

  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • CHAPTERS 1-4 with subtopics

CHAPTER ONE (not less than 3 pages)

Introduction (1 page)
This a background on the school’s industrial attachment

Objectives of the attachment

Background of the organisation (1 page)

  • Vision and mission statement of the organisation

CHAPTER TWO (not less than 4 pages)

Departments/Sections of operations
Detailed description of work done

CHAPTER THREE (not less than 3 pages)

Contribution to the Organization (errands, projects undertaken etc.)
Skills Acquired and Experience

Pictures of the intern and works done should be inserted here.

CHAPTER FOUR ( a full page at least)


Your report should EXCEED a minimum of 15 pages with appropriate pictures of yourself on grounds.

Follow these steps and you are bound to ace the report but don’t forget to keep your grammar in check also.

Team A+ let’s go!


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